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Psychic Suppers with Robert
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services and price tariff
Single or group bookings available

Personal Psychic Reading
At your home or Robert's home in Bournemouth.

Group bookings 7 or more £20 each plus travel charge.
Single reading £40 One hour Reading 
Single reading £30 Half hour Reading 
Tel 07702 454040 email:

Skype Reading:

1 hour £40
half hour £30

Once you have paid By paypal I will contact you to arrange time and date for your Reading. And give you my Skype Name. Please contact if you wish to pay by Bank Transfer.

Animal Healing - (Donations only)
I can heal your pet by either visiting you or you bringing your animal to me. I will ask some general questions about age, sex, medical problems, short history and then use my hands and crystals to identify what the problem is. Usually I can sense it but I must stress I am not a vet so I won't give a diagnosis. Usually the problem is resolved in one visit, sometimes up to three sessions are required. For this service, I do not charge a fee but suggest a donation.

I must be psychicIf you require any of the above services or you have any questions please write, phone or email for more information.

I Must Be Psychic
by Robert Broadhurst-Browne -172 pages, softback A5. Buy now!! Only £7.45 plus 75p postage.


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‘It was pure chance that found me sitting in front of you at a Psychic Fayre, but without me saying one word, you picked up on past unhappiness, and everything that was happening in my life at that time – including quite forceful disapproval of the happiness I had finally found from someone I felt could have shown greater compassion. You were very clear then, and have been in readings I’ve had since, that my life is following the path it should.’
P.F Poole

‘I must be honest and say that when you gave me the reading in June, I thought WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH! I had no intention of moving in six months, and what money would be coming to me through my own earnings other than my usual pay? At the end of November I moved into my own flat within a week of deciding to find somewhere of my own. Two months later I had a refund from the Inland Revenue for overpayment of Income Tax.’
M.E Kent

  Hear Robert talk to Geoff Carter on UK Talk Radio about how to recognise and develop your own psychic ability:

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