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Anyone can pretend to be a psychic, anyone can train to be a psychic – some are simply born psychic and that’s how it was for me.

MeFor a long time I didn’t know what was happening to me, or how to deal with it. I could see people no one else could see, I could hear voices that no one else could hear but I had no idea what it meant.

In time it became clear to me that my father had the same ability, though he refused to acknowledge it, and it was left to my grandmother, Agnes Jane Broadhurst - herself a well-known clairvoyant – to explain to me this gift that I had been given. It is a gift, as I finally came to understand when I realised it was within my power to help the people who come to me - being able to feel their need, to offer direction and help them come to terms with both the good times and the bad times they will face during the course of their lives.

I do not claim to be a medium, but during the course of readings those who have departed this life will often use me to pass messages to the loved ones they have left behind. I know that there will be people reading this who will feel fear at the thought of such a thing – particularly as it cannot be explained. I can only tell you that those who have experienced this find great comfort in the messages they receive.

Even without the messages, my readings are always very explicit and to the point. Incidents from the past often come up, and these are instrumental in convincing the person in front of me that the reading is specifically for them.

I have now been working in this way for many years. I have appeared on TV and been the subject of articles in the press. I am happy to arrange group booking or to see people on an individual basis.

You will see on this website recommendations from previous clients, expressing gratitude and amazement and I hope that these will helpful in allaying any fears you might have about contacting me.

You may have had readings in the past, which have dissuaded you from putting yourself though such a thing again, but I can only remind you that not everyone who claims to be psychic is the genuine article.
You may never have had a reading and feel not only very nervous but totally unconvinced that such a thing will be beneficial in any way.
Something brought you to this website, however, and nothing in this life happens by chance. Why not follow your instinct and take the next step?

Details of the various types of readings, and other services I offer are within these pages. Whether you are looking for guidance, for help in dealing with past or future, for some kind of assurance - or simply would like to know something about what life has in store for you – I’m sure that I can help.

In addition I can help people come to terms with their natural Psychic Ability and I offer tutoring in how to develop this. Sessions can take place at my home or yours.
Whatever the reason, please do not be afraid to contact me, I am told I am a very approachable and down to earth person and I will help you to the best of my ability.

I can also be booked for stage work.

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‘Dear Robert, Thank you from the Bottom of my heart. I was unsure at first If I should come for a reading with you. But I was told you are very good at What you do. Am glad now I came to you. You bought the Spirit of My son through Who as you Said, Had been In a Motor Bike crash. You even Described Him to a tea. But the main thing, You gave me closure, And am now able to move forward. My Life as now got better, And I did get the new Job You told me About In Sept.  Thank you once again. ’

‘After our first meeting I was impressed by the strength and accuracy of your psychic powers. I was also surprised how at ease you made me feel and I recognised the value of what you said to me. As you will recall I had been facing an uncertain time ahead over a situation which has dogged me for nearly 10 years. Matters had been escalating over the last few weeks and I had been feeling quite despondent. However, I now feel I have renewed faith in my ability to cope with the weeks to come and have much greater confidence in anticipating a positive outcome.
H.B Bournemouth

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